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Our Gas Services - What We Can Offer You

We currently offer two different types of welding gas services, we can offer you either a rental gas service with Air Liquide or a non rental service with SGS Gases. Additionally, we are a supplier of FloGas and we stock and supply propane and forklift gas. We can deliver to you if your local to us, or you can come and collect from us. If your interested in these services, or would like to find out if your eligible for delivery please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Air Liquide

  • Rental

  • Best for companies that use larger quantities of gas as it is more cost effective. 

SGS Gases

  • Non - Rental

  • Refundable Bottle Deposit

  • Free Delivery

  • More cost effective for companies that use smaller quantities of gas.


  • Propane - In various sizes

  • Forklift Gas

  • BBQ and Patio Gases


  • We deliver gas to our local customers, or you can come and collect the gas if you want to keep delivery costs to a minimum.

  • SGS Gas deliveries are free


Non rental Gas

sgs welding gases
About the brand
How it works

SGS Gases are a company based in Weston-super-Mare, they have a range of gases, in sizes suitable for garage or home use. Their distributor network allows for local collection or delivery of their bottles across the UK. 

You pay a refundable deposit for your bottle of gas. This is great if for some reason you no longer need your gas bottle then you can bring it back to us and get your deposit money back. If you keep the bottle and need it refilling, you can simply bring it back to get it refilled for a smaller fee. Delivery is free with non rental gases. Prices vary on different gases.


Rental Gas

About the brand

Air Liquide provides a wide variety of compressed gas cylinders in many sizes, each selected to meet specific customer needs. As their wide range of specialty and industrial gases has an equally wide range of chemical characteristics, they base their packaging offer on safety, stability and customer convenience.

How it works

Instead of paying an upfront fee for the bottle(s), you pay monthly rent for them. Prices vary on types of gases and the size of the cylinders. There's a delivery charge of £72 or if you collect instead the fee is then reduced to £25.This service is better suited to people who need larger quantities of gas and/or use gas much more frequently.

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