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Aided by the grinding aids the P120 grit ceramic belts size 287mm x 50mm will remove lighter welds and surface damage on softer metals such as brass, copper and aluminium.

On stainless steel we primarily recommend the use of the P120 grit FF87 287mm x 50mm bets for intermediate sanding and refining of coarser grindlines in preparation for final finishing.

Ideally we recommend working on the softer FMNU/50W 50mm wide contact wheel which is designed to fit belts 287mm x 50mm and will produce a chatter free fine satin finish when used on the Cibo Finipower variable speed grinders and Fimimaster satin polishers & drum sanders.

Additional Information 

Machine - Finimaster Basic (Rubber)

Grit Size - 120 grit

Cibo Product Code - FF87

Length - 287 mm

Width - 50 mm

Backing Type - Flexible Poly-Cotton

Grit Type - Ceramic

Quantity - 1


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Cibo FF87 Ceramic 120 grit sleeve 287mm x 50mm

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