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ESAB Cleanweld paste when applied to weld surfaces or MIG torch nozzles, creates a heat resistant protective barrier that minimizes spatter adhesion and easy removal of any residual spatter.


This 100% vegetable fat base product has no harmful chemicals or irritants, and hence environment friendly. Application is simple –to protect and extend nozzle life, just dip hot nozzle to a depth of 20-25 mm. Only a thin layer is all it takes. To use on jigs, fixtures, or weld surfaces, simply brush on.


Over-application or cold dipping a nozzle can block gas flow. After dipping a hot nozzle, the gun must be hung in a downward position to remove any excess paste.



  • 100% vegetable oil (no mineral oil) 
  • Non irritating to skin 
  • Enviromentally friendly, renewable raw materials
  • Excellent adhesion for nozzles, contact tips, all metals, jig & fixtures
  • Excellent protection in lower stick-out and long welds



  • Automotive
  • Heav Fabrication 
  • Industrial Protection & Manufactoring

Cleanweld welding paste

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