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The Cutmaster® 40 with SL60™ 1Torch® is the perfect combination of end-user insight, advanced technology, and intelligent design. Packed with power and offering the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class, the Cutmaster 40 with SL60 1Torch also has best in class cutting arc length and the most empowering and engaging user experience no matter the application.



  • Built for portability and durability with the integral multi-handle design
  • 35% Duty cycle depending on application. Automatic voltage input detection from 200-240V
  • Industrial SL60 1 Torch with ATC (Advanced torch connector)
  • Up to 12mm recommended peirce and cut capacity with up to 16mm maximum sever. 
  • Cutmaster black series electrodes included for up to 60% longer life of consumable parts
  • Industry leading 3-year warranty on power supply and 1-year warranty on torch



Better Performance & Peace of Mind. 

For a machine of its size, Cutmaster 40 has unprecedented power. The legendary 1Torch allows for a best-in-class, 12 mm pierce and cut capacity, and a 16 mm max sever. Thanks to all-new hybrid cooling technology, it even offers an extraordinary 35% duty cycle at 40 A – backed by a 3 year warranty.


Take It With You…Wherever Your Job Takes You. 

We gave Cutmaster 40 an all-new ergonomic design for the best portability in its class – without sacrificing performance. It weighs only 10 kg, with multiple handles and carrying points that help it feel even lighter. You’ll have no problem grabbing it and going to your next job, wherever it’s taking you. It’s a portable workhorse that will work harder for you. 


Incredible Arc Length for Even the Strangest Cutting Positions. 

With an incredible arc length, Cutmaster 40 can be used in unusual cutting positions while maintaining cut quality. It comes with a complete range of consumables out of the box for cutting and gouging, and it runs on 200–240 V power with automatic amperage adjustment. You’ll get the total package with Cutmaster 40. 


Durability You Can’t Find Elsewhere.

We put Cutmaster 40 in proven industrial-grade housing that’s been robustly tested to ensure it can keep performing in all conditions. With an IP23 all-weather rating, Cutmaster 40 is ready to work where you need it to – rain or shine, day in and day out. Our new Black Series electrode lasts up to 60% longer than standard electrodes, so you can keep on cutting for longer. 


Amp Low - High15 A - 40 A
Input Ratings200-240 ±10% VAC, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz
Duty Cycle40 A @ 35 % duty cycle
20 A @ 100 % duty cycle
30 A @ 60 % duty cycle
Gas RequirementsCompressed Air
Gas Pressure6.2-8.6 bar
Gas Flow142-235 l/min
Pierces12 mm
Plate Thickness
1 mm
2 mm
4 mm
5 mm
6 mm
9 mm
13 mm
Recommended Cut Speed
7670 mm/min
6985 mm/min
2667 mm/min
1778 mm/min
762 mm/min
508 mm/min
254 mm/min
Recommended Cutup to 12 mm

ESAB Cutmaster 40, 1 ph with SL60 1Torch 5 m, 90° Head*

SKU: 0559140004
£1,700.00 Regular Price
£1,500.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • 3 year warranty with Esab

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