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Product Description.


OK GoldRox is a true all-round and all-position rutile electrode. With exceptional arc stability and reduced spatter for decreased cleaning time, start and restart properties that allow for easy tack welds, and brilliant slag removal, novice and experienced welders can rely on OK GoldRox. Available in different package sizes – all fully recyclable – to make sure each pack fits specific job requirements.


Features and benefits.


Arc Striking, Made Easy. 

OK GoldRox rutile 6013 electrodes deliver brilliant performance for everyday stick welding applications, with properties that help fabricators – of all skill levels – turn their projects into gold. Arc striking and re-striking are simple, even with low-voltage power sources. You’ll get the top performance you want, so you can weld with a Midas touch. 


Kick Annoying Slag Removal to the Curb.

Removing unwanted slag after welding or in between passes is a normally a pain. It takes chipping hammers, wire brushes or wheels, or a needle scaler. With OK GoldRox electrodes, we make slag removal easier with better release and minimal effort. This saves you time and money on the post-weld clean up. 


Quality Welds with Minimal Spatter.

Exceptional arc stability is the name of the game with OK GoldRox electrodes. As a result, you’ll reduce spatter dramatically, especially when compared to standard 6013 electrodes, cutting down on cleaning times. Quality welds have minimal spatter - and we make them easy to achieve with OK GoldRox.


Superior Performance in Every Position.

Whether welding flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead, OK GoldRox electrodes will help you get virtually any job done well. It is the true all-round and all-position rutile electrode. Plus, it features start and restart properties that allow for easy tack welds that novice and experienced welders can rely on.




ClassificationsSFA/AWS A5.1 : E6013
EN ISO 2560-A : E 42 0 RC 11
ApprovalsABS : 2
BV : 2
CE : EN 13479
DB : 10.039.48
DNV-GL : 2
LR : 2
VdTÜV : 19622

Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Welding CurrentDC+-, AC
Alloy TypeCarbon Manganese
Coating TypeRutile-cellulosic covering
Typical Tensile Properties
ConditionYield StrengthTensile StrengthElongation
As Welded460 MPa520 MPa23 %
Typical Charpy V-Notch Properties
ConditionTesting TemperatureImpact Value
As Welded0 °C60 J
Typical Weld Metal Analysis %
Deposition Data
DiameterCurrentVoltageEfficiency (%)Number of electrodes/kg weld metalFusion time per electrode at 90% I maxDeposition Rate
2.0 x 300.0 mm50-70 A25 V60 %17238 sec0.55 kg/h
2.5 x 350.0 mm60-90 A25 V62 %9149 sec0.8 kg/h
3.0 x 350.0 mm90-140 A26 V59 %6552 sec1.06 kg/h
3.2 x 350.0 mm90-140 A24 V59 %5957 sec1.1 kg/h
4.0 x 350.0 mm110-185 A26 V58 %4064 sec1.4 kg/h

Esab OK GoldRox 2.5x300mm 1/2 inner

SKU: 4659252510
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