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TBi Expert Series Water-Cooled MIG Torches


The TBi Expert handle has been designed to offer perfect ergonomics and appealing aesthetics. The soft rubber areas are directly integrated into the handle and assure comfortable, non-slip handling.

All models offer excellent performance in industrial applications, and are compatible with standard Euro style consumables.


Model                       411 expert                  511 expert 

Cooling                    Water                              Water                         

Operating Temp   -10 to -40                         -10 to -40                 

Amps                         350 A @ 100%            450 A @ 100%          

                                     400 A @ 100%            500 A @  100%           


Certification and standards - CE: IEC 60974-7

Facts sheet

Esab TBi 511 Expert, 5m, Euro

SKU: 134P421050
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