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YOUR HELMET: THE APR 900.Flexible. Secure. Individual.



Occupational health and safety concerns us all.

Many welders weld out of passion and conviction. Enjoying the job is important - no question about that. But the safety aspect must not be overlooked. Welding produces smoke, heat, UV radiation and intense light. That is in the nature of things. However, welders do not have to expose themselves to these health hazards.

Particular protection is needed for the eyes, face and respiratory tract. The APR 900 welding helmets have been developed with the aim of providing welders with the best possible protection and a high level of comfort. The helmets not only consist of an auto-darkening cassette at an absolute reference level, but also include many other practical detailed solutions that are absolutely harmoniously combined in an overall concept. The APR 900 family offers exactly the right protection for individual welding tasks. And because safety must not be a privilege, the Lorch APR 900 welding helmets convince with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.


The right protection for every task.

With its innovative design, the new APR 900 welding helmet offers optimum welding comfort and provides reliable protection in every task and procedure! The high-end anti-glare cassette ensures colour-fast crystal-clear vision. The available protection levels 3 - 14 enable the welder to use all common procedures. The externally insertable visor can be replaced by means of a simple locking mechanism. The comfortable headband ensures excellent wearing comfort. But that is not all:



In any direction, whether overhead, lying, or on
the side, and no matter the welding method. With
reliable darkening just as you prefer it.



and robustness are required in a welder's everyday
work. Having a cool helmet design that makes you
look good in an added bonus.


A clear view

A perfect view of the welding result requires large
field of vision, ideal colour reproduction, and reliable closure speed of the glare protection cassette.



Balanced out, with perfect seat and adjustment
options for fatigue-free welding, even for extended



Simple replacement of wear parts, adaptability of
the visual display to personal preferences, and
expansion by many accessory pieces - from chest
to neck protection.


Versatile tasks require well thought-out solutions.

Discover the diversity of the APR 900 family.

Each helmet variant is equipped with many practical features. You decide which ones you need. Do you want an extra large field of vision? A constant and pleasant supply of fresh air? Or perhaps both?


The APR 900 air system.

Fresh air and comfort in every welding  position.

Thanks to the APR 900 air and the associated APR FLOW fresh air unit, welders are optimally supplied with fresh air during work. The supplied air flow does not create a draught on the eyes or ears and is also supplied to the interior of the helmet without whistling or hissing noises. Full enjoyment of the fresh air supply without restrictions.

You want all the features of the helmet family at once? No problem. The APR 900 air is also available as a flip helmet. 


Adjustable air supply

The air supply adjuster allows adjustment of the air flow – only to the mouth/nose area in the closed position and additionally to the forehead in the open position. The welder can adjust the direction of ventilation depending on individual preferences. Reliable fume shielding is warranted in all positions via the overpressure in the helmet.


Effective sealing

Sealing towards the face for a comfortable feel. The better the seal between the welder's helmet and face, the less fume can penetrate. The fire-resistant cotton mix feels comfortable on the skin. Even the lowest ventilation stage is suffi cient to reliably keep the fume out due to the overpressure with good sealing.


Ventilation hose with quick-release bayonet fastener and hose holder

Easy and quick assembly and disassembly of the helmet and hose. The helmet separates quickly from the ventilation system. Particularly useful when the helmet needs to be put aside without taking off the strap. The helmet can also be used without the ventilation system. The hose holder on the headband ensures that the hose is fixed, can be individually guided, and does not interfere with work.

Lorch APR 900 Helmet

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