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Rustler MIG PRO Compact Welding Inverter

The Reliable Welding Machine For Every Welder

Equipped with the latest inverter technology, Rustler MIG PRO Compact is ready to tackle your everyday welding jobs with optimized arc programmes and smooth wire feed capabilities. 


Rustler MIG PRO compact welding inverters are your solution of choice for the most common welding challenges. Equipped with the latest inverter technology, they combine low energy consumption with optimized welding performance.

Rustler is ready to weld most common base materials with optimized arc programs for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brazing and flux-cored wires. Smooth wire feed is delivered by a robust and reliable 4WD feeding mechanism. The synergic model allows operation by setting the material thickness to achieve perfectly balanced welding parameters, allowing even less experienced welders to produce optimal welds.

The reliable housing is further enhanced with a flexible accessories storage system, allowing users to store and protect additional tools as needed. Additional features include inspection window, internally lit-up compartment, torch holder and cable management for an efficient and comfortable working environment.


Built for Performance

Rustler offers the welding capabilities you need while maintaining low power consumption:

  • Optimized arc programmes offer excellent performance when welding carbon steel, stainless steel & aluminium, MIG brazing, and with flux-cored wires
  • Synergic control uses material thickness to perfectly match wire feed speed and voltage
  • High output current and duty cycle
  • Stick welding mode


Built for a Better User Experience

Work more efficiently than ever before with Rustler’s intuitive technology offering:

  • New user interface that’s easy to use and quick to set up
  • Adjustable arc parameters without having to stop the weld
  • Reliable four-roll wire drive mechanism for smooth wire feeding and consistent control


Built for Easy Accessibility

Rustler features a modular, durable design that allows for ultimate functionality, including:

  • Convenient MIG torch holder and cable management
  • Storage compartment capable of holding small or large tools
  • Easy-access wire compartment with inspection window and light for improved visibility  
  • Machine door panels that open downward for improved safety and better utilization of space


Built to Exceed Expectations

Rustler replaces our previous Origo Mig family and takes performance to the next level by combining everything great about Origo Mig with outstanding upgrades:

  • The latest inverter technology that delivers improved energy efficiency, a more consistent, stable arc, significantly lower weight and improved mobility
  • Synergic model allows welders of all skill levels to achieve excellent results
  • Higher quality wire-drive system and feed rolls delivers smoother wire feeding for better performance


Voltage400 V 3, 50/60 Hz
MMA Welding Output320 A / @ 40 % Duty Cycle
MIG Welding Output350 A / @ 40 % Duty Cycle
Setting Range MIG/MAG15.5-31.5 VDC (30-350 A)
Setting Range MMA/DC20.8-32.8 VDC (20-320 A)
Operating Temp-10 - +40 °C
MCableX4x2,5 mm2, 4 m
Wire Feed Speed1.5-22 m/min
Dimensions, L x W x H977 x 487 x 800 mm
Weight57,5 kg



SKU: 0448350991
£2,500.00 Regular Price
£2,000.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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